Move in with freedom to move – welcome to Brf Valsjöskogen!

Do you dream of a nice, new home close to nature? Where the kids can swap the screen time for playing outdoors or swimming in the ocean? Then, you’re in luck! Here in lovely Åkersberga, we’re planning to build new semi-detached houses and terraced houses – all within the same housing cooperative. Easy living in the form of tenant-ownership, a secure form of tenure, with just the right combination of freedom and responsibility.

Living next door to nature

Brf Valsjöskogen invites you to a life in peace and harmony with nature next door and everyday service, like preschool and grocery store, at hand. Here, you can open the door and breathe in the fresh air, have a barbecue in the garden, hang out with the neighbours or why not take a nice walk in the woods? This is a place where you’re always free to find fun activities in the open air – all seasons of the year.

Tenant-ownership: a trusted Swedish tradition

When you buy your home in Brf Valsjöskogen, you buy your home as a tenant-owner – joining a long line of people who have also chosen this typically Swedish tradition. Sweden is one of only few countries around the world to offer this solution, and has done so since the 19th century. You may also hear it referred to as cooperative ownership, and the key point of this solution is that it’s a secure form of tenure with just the right combination of freedom and responsibility.

Is life as a tenant-owner right for you?

Living as a tenant-owner is ideal if you’re looking for more freedom than a regular rental contract, but with less responsibility than owning the whole home yourself. Here, the private housing cooperative owns the building, and the land it is built on. As a tenant-owner you own a share in the housing cooperative, and have the right to use a particular apartment. This also means that you look after your home on the inside. The housing cooperative is responsible for taking care of the building and any related grounds. As a tenant-owner and member of the private housing cooperative, you can be involved in making decisions about care and maintenance – and this way, you can also influence your housing costs.

5 reasons for choosing a new tenant-owner home
  • More freedom than a regular rental contract.
  • Less responsibility than owning your own home.
  • All heavy maintenance is managed by the housing cooperative.
  • Easier to budget: less unforeseen expenses.
  • Lower cash contribution required = easier to get your bank loan approved.


You can find houses for sale in our interactive "house picker" at the Swedish project webpage. Just click the blue icon to start it up...

As you might expect, "pris" is Swedish for price. But you may wonder about "månadsavgift". This stands for the cooperative’s fee which you can read all about here!

You can find floor planes för specifik houses in our interactive "house picker" at the Swedish project webpage. Just click the blue icon to start it up...

Click on the house you want to know more about and then choose the green button "Planlösning" which means floor plan...

The houses is in production and the buyers will move in the summer of 2021.  Catharina Ek, our real estate agent knows the time table best so check the details with her!

In a housing project such as this, there are limited options when it comes to changing the interior. Get in touch with our real estate agent Catharina Ek too find out what´s possible!

As Brf Valsjöskogen is beeing buildt, we will finish and decorate a house as a show room for public events. Until then, there are other OBOS projects in the Stockholm Area where we allready have such houses ready to visit. Again, contact our real estate agent Catharina Ek too find out more about this and book a meeting!

You bet! Go to "Sök bostad" and filter the region you want to live in and hopefully you will find the house or apartment of your dreams!

OBOS also offers houses / villas through Myresjöhus & SmålandsVillan for those who whant to build there own house!

Learn more about Brf Valsjöskogen

Want to know more about these charming homes, and what life as a tenant-owner is like? Just get in touch with real estate agent Catharina Ek, she’ll gladly tell you all there is to know.

Get in contact with Catharina Ek or Find houses for sale in this project

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